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As a group, Beyond the Web has been responsible for designing, developing, hosting and maintaining over 1,000 websites since its foundation in 1996. During that time we have gained significant technical knowledge in designing, building, testing and maintaining websites and have grown alongside technologies like ASP, Flash and Javascript.

Now we are seeing the rapid emergence of e-commerce sites for a wide variety of businesses and the very tangible benefits that online ordering yields.

We are a small organisation with an office in the sailing town of Lymington, Hampshire. Our staff have all been working in various aspects of the telecom>internet>design industry for the last 13 years or more.

Some of our websites are more then 300 pages in size, some are database driven, some have e-commerce sections and some are updateable via the CMS. Whoever the client, they all receive a high level of customer service from Beyond the Web.

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